Matcha Gourmet Marshmallows (Halal)

£ 5.00

by Velveteen Rabbit Confections
Matcha Gourmet Marshmallows, Halal Marshmallows, Small Gift, Matcha Lover
The perfect gift for Matcha lovers, these delicious clouds of home-made marshmallows are infused with real matcha green tea... ideal for sharing or selfishly enjoy by yourself! Size of the marshmallows is roughly (they are cut by h3x3cm and there are 6 in the bags. These halal marshmallows are lovingly made in small batches in our fully registered home kitchen and we'd be more than happy to make them to your specifications. We have also made these treats in mixed bags/boxes for corporate events, adding the company's logo to the packaging, so please do get in touch for a quote! Please note these marshmallows are NOT vegetarian, as we use beef gelatine. The beef gelatine we use is HALAL certified and no alcohol containing products is used in the preparation. Due to the caffeine content, these treats are not suitable for children. We will take 3-5 business days to prepare your order but if you wish to order more than 6 bags, please do get in touch as we may need more time (1-2 weeks). If you need your marshmallows by a specific date, please do let us know and we will do our best to help. You can also add a gift note, which will be printed in a matching theme. Shelflife and storage: as the marshmallows are sealed, they have a shelf life of 3-4 weeks if kept in their original packaging. Once open, consume within a couple of day. Store in a dark cool place, not in the fridge, and keep away from moisture, heat and direct sunlight.
Delivery: Orders up to 6 units will require our standard 3-5 business days to dispatch. For larger orders we will require 2 weeks or longer, so we recommend you order well in advance to avoid disappointment.
Feel free to get in touch if you have specific requests. We can deliver bigger batches in larger boxes for parties, events, etc.
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