Cookie Stamper

£ 2.50

by Bakers Market Store
Personalise your home baked cookies. - Solid wooden handle and non-stick silicone stamper - 3 designs to choose from - Includes a delicious cookie recipe Home baking is cool. You know that, just be sure your friends know too, stamp each of your cookies with pride. Take a stand against profit-driven global expansion: Bake your own, and be proud... "HOME MADE", "I LOVE YOU" and "EAT ME" Cookie Stamps. Power To The People.
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Designed, Made and Fulfilled by SUCK UK
Dimensions: 72 x 93 x 72mm | 94g
Sedex Registered Supplier Produced by a factory that is a registered member of Sedex, empowering responsible supply chains
Sedex Member Ethical Trade Audit Produced at a factory audited to Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) guidelines: Labour Standards, Health & Safety, Environment and Business Practices
This is not a Toy This product has not been classified as a toy, and therefore is not intended for children
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