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Pop out decorations and custom signs. - Over 100 pop-out cake topper decorations - Made from food-grade card - Great for any occasion! Whether you’re wishing luck, celebrating a big birthday or throwing an engagement party, this kit has got you covered. With over 100 pop-out decorations to choose from, plus a selection of letters and customisable designs, you’ll be sure to find the perfect toppers for your party food no matter the occasion. Made from sturdy food-grade card, easy to use and loads of fun.
Brought to you by iRetail UK
Designed by Gabriel Frateschi
Made and Fulfilled by SUCK UK

Dimensions: 120 x 200 x 6mm | 44.15g
Prop 65 Complies with California's Proposition 65. This ensures no adverse effects from hazardous materials such as Lead, Chromium, Cadmium and over 900 other chemicals
Recyclable Packaging Made from materials that can easily be recycled if disposed of correctly
£ 2.50
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