Gluten-Free Pre-biotic Pancake / Waffle / Crepe Premix 500g

Madé's Banana Flour Company
Delivered Nationwide
How’s “life changing” sound? At our bakery, when someone takes the first bite of these double-thick pancakes, it’s cliché to hear, “OH MY GAAAAAWD!” (A close second place is “I can’t believe this is gluten-free!”) And the visitors of Bali are tough clients; they’re health seekers. But these ARE special pancakes. They have all the love and gratitude and positive energy of Bali in them. We source green bananas from local farmers, and the flour they become is full of nutrients and type 2 resistant starch, which means even your microbes are saying “oh my gaaaaawd!” (Probably.)
£ 7.99
Delivery Information
Allergen information
Free of dairy, eggs, gluten, peanuts, soy, and tree nuts. Vegetarian & Vegan
Banana flour, rice flour, brown sugar, baking powder, baking soda.

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