VEGOnut - Pistachio & Rose

Kinetic Kitchen
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Box of 6 Vegonuts!
Delivering you a brand sparkling new VEGAN KETOnut flavour that’ll make you feel all rosy and flustered. Announcing the limited edition PISTACHIO & ROSE VEGONUT!! This is a little bit dazzling. A teensy bit glam. And a whole lot of zhuzh ✨ 
£ 17.00
Temporarily out of stock.
Delivery Information
Allergen information
These VEGOnuts contain the following allergens: NUTS.
They are vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, dairy-free, keto, diabetic & coeliac friendly.
Whilst we have controls in our bakery to prevent cross-contamination, traces may occur. If you have any sensitivities or allergens you would like to make us aware of, please email us at
Almond Flour, Pistachios*, Almond Milk (Water*, Almonds 6%, Salt*), Erythritol, Coconut Oil, Psyllium Husk, (coconut, water), Baking Powder* (Sodium Dihydrogen Diphosphate*, Sodium Bicarbonate*, Calcium Sulphate*), Vinegar, Rose Water Extract, Agar-Agar, Freeze-dried Strawberry, *Pistachio flavour
Underlined = Allergen. *=Non-organic ingredient
Nutrition information
Nutritional Information (per VEGOnut): 252 kcal, 23g fat, 6g protein, 3g carbs (1.5g of which sugars)
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