Brigadeiro Truffles

Bomboni London
Delivered Nationwide
Handmade Traditional Brazilian Brigadeiro Truffles. Brigadeiro is the most famous and most loved Brazilian desserts! So classic that it's safe to say it's part of the Brazilian DNA! It is like a bonbon and extremely scrumptious and delicious!
We have different flavours available but if you want one that we don't have here, contact us before the purchase. All truffles are made to order to ensure best
quality and freshness. Brigadeiros stay fresh for 7 days when stored in a cool place.

Weight: Large: 20-25g (3 cm) each
We do everything to package the products in the safest way for travel. However, we do not have any control of the parcels once they have left us. We can therefore not guarantee that products will be intact when they arrive and are not able to refund broken items.
£ 5.99
Delivery Information
Butter, Milk, Callebaut Chocolate
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